Accessorizing: Hair

Sometimes we forget that our hair is a great base to be accessorized as well! From small hair clips, to big hairbands or tiaras, here’s some inspiration so we don’t forget to accessorize with class.

Por vezes esquecemo-nos que o nosso cabelo é também uma óptima base para acessórios! Desde pequenos ganchos, a grandes bandoletes ou tiaras, aqui vão umas inspirações para não nos esquecermos de acessorizar com classe.


One thought on “Accessorizing: Hair

  1. Another great hair accessory I love is hairsticks. They’re like chopsticks for your hair. You can get them for at the dollar store, online (these are usually better quality and made of bone or ebony), or you can get creative and make your own. Take a pair of regular old restaurant chopsticks and cut them to the desired length. Sand them down to make them smooth, paint with any your favorite color nail polish, and go over that with a top coat. You can use a block of crafter’s foam (used in flower arrangements) to hold the sticks up while they dry. You can use wire and beads or other decorations to personalize them even more. Most of the material can be found at the dollar store and you can get chopsticks for free.

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