An outfit for a reader/Um conjunto para uma leitora

Nathalia has bought these wonderful shoes from Dione and asked me to recomend an outfit to combine them with…

A Nathalia comprou estes maravilhosos sapatos da Dione e pediu-me uma recomendação quanto a conjuntos que possam combinar com eles…

I don’t know her body type or lifestyle in order to give her a personalized suggestion. First, I thought about combining the shoes, that have a classic shape but are still funky and original, with a dress or a more “formal” outfit. Instead, decided to go for a different, lighter and more casual idea, based on current trends. I hope you all like it… Especially Nathalia! (Please, let me know if this was your idea or if you were thinking about something different.)

Não conheço o seu tipo de corpo nem estilo de vida para poder dar uma sugestão personalizada. Primeiro pensei em combinar os sapatos, que têm uma forma clássica mas mesmo assim são ousados e originais, com um vestido ou um conjunto mais “formal”.  Em vez disso, decidi explorar uma ideia diferente, mais ligeira e casual, com base nas tendências actuais. Espero que gostem… Especialmente a Nathalia! (Por favor diga-me se era isto que tinha em mente ou se tinha uma ideia completamente diferente.)


3 thoughts on “An outfit for a reader/Um conjunto para uma leitora

  1. Love it! I love it!
    I had a completely different idea, i was thinking about those shoes as something more elegant and formal, but the way you use them gives them a new fresh air!
    Thank you, you make a great job! And it’s very cool how you answer to the users! Hope Dione likes you, it’s a great designer shoes brand we have here in México.
    Thanks again!

  2. These shoes are an amazing statement piece. If you want to be bold but not go OTT, I would recommend wearing it with a cobalt-blue suit (pants and blazer) with a soft white shirt.
    But these shoes should be presented to the world in shorts. Pair it with bright summer colors like fuchsia and cerulean blue, or even soft neutrals like toffee or beige.

    I love statement pieces that are versatile!

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